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It has Foxkin, and Bounty hunters, and is set in space.


Oh, other than that it is set in the same universe as Frink!, and will "connect" at some point in the future.


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The name "Thunderchild" is used for the name of the ship, and is taken from the legendary Chilargentinan Naval Vessel of the same name.


Characters, their race and position on the Thunderchild

  • Harkin Brasil - Vulpkin - Captain of the Thunderchild
  • Tasha Greytail - Urockin - Pilot
  • Drayco Rykael - Lynxkin - Bounty Hunter, currently working as a Bodyguard/Weapons Specialist/Medic
  • Ivan Yurivich - Human - Bounty Hunter
  • Ипатий (Ipati) Фёдоров (Fyodor/Theodore-ov) - Archkin - Bounty Hunter
  • Leonard Tiberius Rictor - Mostly augmented human - Bounty Hunter
  • Kregor von Hoss - Entsetzlichehunde - Bodyguard/Boarder (Will be shown later on)

Images of the ship


This is the uncoloured version of the Thunderchild.

Thanks to Tunsky of Foxfire Chronicles (READ!).

(Image only linked as I didn't want to kill the page with a large(ish) image. If anyone wants to fix it so the image is displayed then you are allowed. Just know copyright is owned for the image and the design.)

The end of the future

The two main reasons for the death of the RP are that interest dropped after VOR had to leave the forums (and hence Frink! dropped at the sametime), and that people became more and more busy with real life issues.

Now it should be noted that interest in the RP remained for a while with all/most mambers, but no action was taken to restart the RP due to the above factors.

Impact of the RP

The Thunderchild took part in the final space battle against the EOU. She was one of the first ships that attacked the EOU fleet above the Cameo Comic planet, and would later hold her position while the other ships withdrew for a second attack. It was at that stage that the ship received heavry damage from the EOU ships, enough that Harkin was forced to order all hands to abandon ship while he remained and piloted her on a course which would ram the flagship of themembers EOUheavy fleet (as shown here).

All members of the crew made it out alive bar Harkin, who is believed to have gone down with his ship.

(And yes, that is what really happened. Just the final charge was the only part shown for a number of reasons.)

That version of the Thunderchild was lost, but the name and the spirit of that ship will live on.

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